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Be Love Beauty Dream Hair 

How it all began...

Welcome to Be Love Beauty, where we believe in creating a ripple effect of love through our clean cosmetics and salon services. Our founder, a one-of-a-kind artist, Stephie Lane, has been in the beauty industry since 2006 and launched Be Love Cosmetics in 2013 then rebranded to Be Love Beauty LLC in 2019. Coming soon in 2024 we will be introducing you to our new artist joining the team. Today, we continue to be passionate about healthy hair, clean makeup, and spreading love to the global community. When we're not working, we are creating handmade crafts, practicing yoga, and exploring the beautiful outdoors of Colorado and beyond.



Our mission is to provide loving services that support your busy life.  We know how hard it is to find a trustworthy service provider and we are here to give you honest recommendations to ensure your hair is healthier than when you arrived. We are on a mission to provide products with the cleanest ingredients to our salon guests.  And your satisfaction is guaranteed.


  1. Are the products organic?  We strive to provide products with  the cleanest and highest quality ingredients.  Our back bar is stocked with O&M, routine, and Maria Nila.  Our color line is O&M which is ammonia free, PPD free, and resorcinol free,  Please contact us anytime if you want more information.  

  2. What if I want a refund?  Your satisfaction is guaranteed while we don't give refunds please let us know within 24 hours of your appointment and we will get you back in to fix any problem should one arise.  The only thing we can't fix is what we don't know about. 

  3. Can you make my hair blonde? While I can provide beautiful blonde services and create fun unicorn hair I draw a hardline when it comes to damaging your hair.  If I feel that the service you want is going to damage your hair I will kindly recommend another stylist that specializes in that service.  Please be aware that if you have dark hair it will take two or more lightening services to achieve desired results.

  4. Does Be Love Beauty discriminate? All guests are welcomed to the salon with love, respect, and acceptance.  NO MATTER WHAT!

  5. Why do I need a consultation for extensions?  All extension services are 100% custom to your hair color, your hair texture, and your hair needs.  The consultation will include a full map of what color, length, and texture you need.  We will place the order and the $50 will go to your extensions.  If you decide not to purchase the extensions then the $50 will cover that appointment time slot.  If you need further help please contact us anytime.

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