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In Salon & At Your Location

We love to provide services on location. Imagine having us come to you for blowouts, makeup, and many other services. We have service availability in Denver and Salt Lake City areas.  We also have a Certified Sustainable Salon where you can experience a clean, relaxing space that is just for you.  The space is throughly disinfected between each guest.  Being a Certified Sustainable Salon means that we are committed to recycling, using compostable materials for disposable items, and using products with clean ingredients on our guests.  This intimate studio salon services one guest at a time – which means you have undivided attention and you get to personalize your experience.  Complimentary beverages and snacks are always available and you can even tell Alexa to play your favorite music!​available by appointment only.

We use Original & Mineral Color, Original & Mineral Styling products,  Areté Shampoos and Conditioners, all of our products contain cleanest ingredients and most are women owned.

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